College Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need to apply?

Graduating students must apply for the scholarship, and have the application into the WCDA office, by April 15th at 4 p.m. of their senior year.

2. Who can apply for the WCDA Scholarship?

Only those students who live with their biological, adoptive, or foster parent(s) within the geographic borders of Worth County, for the entirety of their junior and senior years of high school, shall be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Any cases of legal guardianship will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any and all legal documentation of legal guardianship and/or joint legal custody, adoption, and foster care situations must be accompanied with the scholarship application. All paperwork will be reviewed carefully. Abuse of the program will result in denial of a scholarship.

3. How often can I get the scholarship?

This is a one time scholarship paid directly to the college, trade school or institution of higher learning. If the student does not complete their education, the remaining balance of the scholarship will be returned to the WCDA Scholarship Fund.

4. How do I access my scholarship funds?

Students must provide letter of acceptance from the college they are attending to the WCDA office. Deadline: Deadline is September 1st. Student’s must provide class registration (class schedule) to the WCDA office. Deadline is September 1st. Students must be enrolled in the college of their choice at least half time (6 credit hours) before funds will be disbursed. If the student fails to bring in the proper documents by the September 1st deadline, the student must wait until the following year to utilize their scholarship.

5. How long after graduation can I to use the scholarship?

Students will be allowed a maximum of 4 years to use the scholarship. If any portion of the scholarship is not used by then, the balance will be returned to the WCDA Scholarship Fund.

6. What is the amount of the scholarship?

The amount of each scholarship will be contingent upon the amount of the adjusted gross revenue of the casino, from January 1 to December 31, and the number of qualifying graduating students who reside in Worth county during that year.

7. Which graduating class was the first to receive this scholarship?

The May 2007 graduating class was the first graduating class to receive the WCDA Scholarship.

8. If I attend a school outside of Worth County, can I still receive the scholarship?

Students who attend schools outside Worth county, but satisfy requirement (2) are eligible for the scholarship.

9. Is it possibe to attend school in Worth County, but not qualify for the scholarship?

Students who attend schools inside of Worth county, but do NOT satisfy requirement (2) are NOT eligible for the scholarship.

10. Can these rules change?

The above rules and guidelines are subject to change and revision by the WCDA board, as deemed appropriate to achieve our overall goal of Growing Worth County.

All changes or revisions to these rules will be posted on this webpage, once enacted.

Revised 09/04/2012.

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